Azure Cloud Disaster Recovery

Azure offers several specific services to protect your data in the cloud, both for hot and cold Disaster Recovery with encrypted communication.
Azure Backup is a service that enables you to synchronize your data in the Cloud. Azure BLOB Storageallows you to copy your data directly into the Cloud.
Azure also provides solutions to directly replicate your on-premises VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines in the Cloud using Azure Site Recovery.
To replicate your on-premises databases in the Cloud, Azure Virtual Machine offers several possibilities through services such as Log Shipping, Always On Availability Group, etc.
Connections to the cloud are encrypted and established through an Azure VPN Gateway or an Azure Expressrouteconnection.
Whatever your requirements, our Cloud experts will advise you and implement the right solution to ensure the security and fast and efficient recovery of your data.
Contact us for a hotDisaster Recoverysolution via database replication or a cold Disaster Recoveryvia a Cloud backup concept.

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