Orchestration & schedulers 

Orchestration to keep your data dynamic

Orchestration, in the sense of an automation process, is a current phenomenon affecting all areas, in particular IT. Many systems can be automated in order to lighten the workload for IT services and enable them to better focus on their core profession.

The IT orchestration process involves tools known as “schedulers”, such as Control-M. These tools make it possible to automate the execution of tasks based on prerequisites (date, event sequence or other type of sequence). The aim of orchestration and scheduling software is to reduce human error, increase productivity and reduce unavailability through automation.

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With BMC Control-M Workload Automation, batch lifecycle automation is simpler and more efficient than ever. This solution allows an IT department to create, modify, plan and supervise simple or complex batches from a comprehensive centralized interface. Control-M also allows you to manage high availability with its integrated function, or even external solutions (clusters). dbi services also provides SLA’s for Control-M environments.

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