Software modernization

(System migration)

The continuous upgrade and modernization of software and IT systems is absolutely vital for any IT environment.

Databases, middleware applications, ECM systems, or operating systems are active and evolving components.

Even the best forecasting and capacity management methods are unable to take into account all the events and changes that can occur on an IT environment. The criticality of IT systems is also evolving over time.

With their large expertise in the areas of:

the dbi services consultants are able to identify modernization measures such as software upgrades or IT system migrations in your IT infrastructure.

Software upgrades

As an expert for enterprise information systems, dbi services supports customers in the upgrade of their software in the areas of databases, middleware applications, ECM systems, operating systems, and other business applications.

By choosing dbi services, you will benefit from the return of experience collected through many successful software upgrade projects. There are several ways for upgrading the components of your IT infrastructure (e.g. migrating or patching databases and implementing rolling upgrade strategies, when possible).

Our mission is to find the right one for you, depending on your situation.

The dbi services experts will make sure that you have as less downtime and migration time as possible and that you profit from an optimal system behavior after the upgrade.

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Near-zero downtime & cross platform migrations

Our consultants are experts in the migration of databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), ECM systems (Documentum, SharePoint), middleware applications (Oracle APEX, WebLogic), operating systems (Linux/Unix, Windows Server), and other business applications.

At dbi services, every migration project is carefully planned to ensure that IT operations are as little affected as possible and the downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum.

To make sure that your IT system is migrated as smoothly as possible, dbi services is specialized in tools that enable near-zero downtime migration, such as Oracle GoldenGate.

These utilities also allow cross-platform/RDBMS database migrations and covers all major database engines (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2).

Oracle GoldenGate, also supports the performing of application changes during the migration process as well as online Oracle application migrations. dbi services has already successfully supported many customers in the near-zero downtime migration of their database or middleware infrastructure.

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Real-time database replication

Replication is a key feature of databases and other IT systems. It enables information from one database (the master) to be shared and copied to one or more databases (the slaves) to ensure data consistency as well as enhance its reliability and availability.

Powerful database replication tools such as Oracle GoldenGate will help you making your replication project a success.

dbi services masters these and other utilities and is highly experienced in the replication of your Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database.

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