IT infrastructures analysis & design

Audits & feasibility studies

Before you install and configure any IT infrastructure, on-premises or in the Cloud, it is crucial to choose the right concept, design, and technology. Analyzing the strength and weaknesses of an existing IT system or architecture is also an important prerequisite when you are thinking about modernizing or upgrading your IT.

Through an accurate IT systems & infrastructure analysis, dbi services is able to find a solution that matches your objectives for your Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or NoSQL environments.

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Based on their in-depth experience and a best practice approach our consultants help you determine the appropriate technology and the solution – on-premise, in the Cloud (Public Cloud or Private Cloud) or hybrid – fitting best the needs of your company.

dbi services offers IT feasibility studies for high availability architectures, IT security concepts, backup & recovery concepts, IT infrastructure concepts, feasibility studies for IT systems consolidation and IT infrastructures lifecycle audits.

High availability feasibility studies & audits

dbi services has a long-standing expertise in the evaluation of high availability architectures and solutions through feasibility studies or audits.

Our consultants will perform feasibility studies to enable or further improve the high availability of your IT infrastructure, with appropriate targets in terms of RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

dbi services is able to realize high availability concepts for your IT infrastructure and implement adapted IT solutions and architectures. We can also validate existing high availability solutions and carry out acceptance assessments.

Thanks to our expertise, we are also able to evaluate and implement any operating system and database or middleware cluster technology.

Our consultants are skilled in efficient Oracle technologies like Data Guard, Grid infrastructure, Real Application Clusters, or Dbvisit standby. We are also specialized in Microsoft cluster and replication solutions such as AlwaysOn.

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IT Security concepts & audits

More and more companies are facing new challenges in IT security. It has become crucial to control access to data within an IT infrastructure – whether to protect against data theft and alteration or to cope with data protection laws.

Thanks to the expertise of the dbi services consultants, we are able to provide solutions to secure your IT and protect you against the numerous risks, in terms of cost as well as in terms of company image. dbi services can perform feasibility studies in order to precisely evaluate the IT security effort required to meet your expectations.

Our consultants can also carry out a security audit of your IT infrastructure (databases, middleware, ECM, etc.). We can also help you set up data access strategies without modifying the code of your applications.

Thanks to our database expertise, we are also able to evaluate and implement database security solution for Oracle (Database Vault, Audit Vault, Transparent Data Encryption, etc.) or SQL Server databases in order to visualize and manage the access to data in a transparent way.

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Backup & recovery concepts & feasibility studies

Backup and recovery concepts or plans are always necessary and recommended – whether in service management contracts or in projects. At dbi services, database backup concepts are validated (e. g. through feasibility studies) only if we are able to prove that the restoration/recovery works correctly and the documentation is complete. The backup procedure must of course be carefully monitored.

dbi services wants to invest time focusing in your real needs. We specifically do not want to develop backup solutions and scripts on you project budget. This is why dbi services provides you with our cost-free DMK Management Kit, featuring our best practice database tools and scripts.

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IT infrastructure concepts

dbi services is your partner of choice in the realization of IT infrastructure concepts.

With our long-standing expertise in the areas of database management, Enterprise Content Management, application integration & middleware, operating systems, and hardware & storage, we are able to support your company in the design of all the layers of your IT infrastructure.

dbi services performs feasibility studies to assess the viability of your IT infrastructure through the entire IT lifecycle (Plan, Build, Run).

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Cloud Consulting

Cloud functionalities and features such as Pay As You Go or self provisioning are attractive and start to change the IT delivery paradigm. However is the cloud fitting your context, needs and constraints? Should it be based on public offering, private infrastructure or an hybrid solution? Which provider or technical solution would match our situation? dbi services’ feasibility studies and engineering services for cloud are supporting you all along your decision and deployment processes. Furthermore, we are able to ensure your cloud environments with our IT Service Management.

IT systems consolidation feasibility studies

Since 80 percent of all IT expenses are caused during the operation, every company is faced with the task of consolidating and simplifying the IT infrastructure to reduce operating costs. As an IT infrastructure expert, dbi services knows how to rationalize your IT operations.

Through IT systems consolidation feasibility studies, our experts will give you advice on how to standardize your IT equipment to save costs, cut you hardware deployment costs or reduce your overhead by virtualizing your IT environment, and review your license strategy to optimize your licensing fees.

By using proven standards and best practices based on many years of experience, dbi services makes sure your infrastructure remains maintainable and extensible. Our standards simplify the IT infrastructure administration tasks and ensure a maximum performance.

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dbi services feasibility studies & audits

Setting up an IT infrastructure or system is relatively simple, but finding the appropriate solution for a specific business is a much more complex task. By choosing dbi services, you can rely on the comprehensive experience of our consultants in IT feasibility studies and IT audits.

We understand your business and are able to evaluate the potential for success of your planned IT project. Based on costs and knowledge constraints as well as on the strengths and weaknesses of IT systems or technologies dbi services will evaluate several technical solutions and find the appropriate one for your business.


This will enable you to make the most informed decision possible regarding your future IT venture.

dbi services offers IT feasibility studies for high availability architectures, IT security concepts, backup & recovery concepts, IT infrastructure concepts, feasibility studies for IT systems consolidation, IT infrastructure lifecycle audits, etc.

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