IT system & application implementation

Having a well-thought-out concept is crucial for a successful IT infrastructure project, but the critical phase is the realization of the IT environment itself. In order to convert ideas into reality, you need skilled and experienced IT professionals.

dbi services is specialized in the implementation of enterprise information systems in the areas of database and middleware infrastructures – especially Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL – as well as Enterprise Content Management systems, operating systems, hardware & storage solutions, and many more.

To ensure the lasting success of your IT project, dbi services puts together a powerful team of dedicated consultants with an in-depth expertise in the required field

Backup & recovery solutions

dbi services is specialized in backup and recovery solutions for database or middleware infrastructures and other environments.

Our experts can help you define appropriate backup & recovery objectives (Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)), duplicate your databases, flashback your data, and perform your backups.

dbi services implements and also tests the backup solution in your environment in order to give you all the security and transparency needed to easily restore any system.

Our experts focus on your real needs – such as data availability, service availability, service level agreements, etc. – instead of developing specific solutions to back up your databases.

This is why we offer you our best practice tool DMK_BACKUP for free when working with us.

dbi services can also implement highly availability solutions to protect your IT infrastructure against crashes and reduce the necessity for a full recovery of your database or middleware infrastructure.

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High availability architectures for ex. for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

Highly availability IT infrastructures are more and more critical for business continuity. dbi services has a long-standing expertise in the setting up of highly available IT architectures, based on Oracle and Microsoft technologies.

Understanding the customer’s business profile and advising you on Service Level Agreements between the several applications and the infrastructure is also a major part of our skills set.

Our consultants have an extensive track record in high availability products such as Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Clusterware/Grid infrastructure, Real Application Clusters, and Dbvisit Standby.

Dbvisit Standby is an automated standby database solution for high availability and disaster recovery. Depending on your situation, it can be an alternative to Oracle Data Guard.

dbi services is also skilled in Microsoft solutions such as the SQL Server 2012’s new high availability feature AlwaysOn. We are also specialized in other cluster technologies such as Linux Heartbeat, Corosync, IBM HACMP, Veritas Storage Foundation, etc.

dbi services will evaluate the best possible high availability solution for you – just contact us!

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Database creation and implementation

Thanks to its experienced Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL specialists, dbi services has a long-standing expertise in the design and implementation of database infrastructures.

With our best practice approach in the creation and deployment of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL database environments, you will profit from a highly productive database management.

dbi services promotes methods and standards to make sure your database is set up according to our best practice. This way, you will profit from a consistent and widely recognized configuration that will make your operational and maintenance tasks much easier.

Our consultants are experts in the modeling of databases at the physical and logical level, in accordance with the standards defined by dbi services’ Technology Organization.

Making the database layout match with the storage configuration is crucial for optimal database performance and management.

Also, choosing the right deployment strategy – e. g. by setting up an Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) – is essential for efficient database operations.

dbi services is able to work out and implement database partitioning concepts and maintenance strategies.

We can also perform capacity analyses for the sizing of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL databases using our capacity planning tool (based on evolution trends).

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Implementing of infrastructures for business applications

A well set-up IT infrastructure is the foundation for high-performance business applications. Installing an IT infrastructure to ensure data and service availability, security, and optimal performances (etc.) requires a large set of skills.

With their profound expertise in the areas of database management (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL), ECM systems (OpenText Documentum, Alfresco, SharePoint), application integration & middleware (Oracle APEX, WebLogic), operating systems (Linux/Unix, Windows Server), and hardware & storage (Oracle ODA, Exadata, Dell), the dbi services consultants are experts in the implementing of an IT environment that is the powerful backbone of your business applications.

Ensuring full infrastructure performance, high availability, and securing data requires a perfect infrastructure configuration that only experts are able to deliver.

The strong configuration skills of our consultants in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, or OpenText Documentum solutions are experience-based, aligned to our best practice and industry standards as well as testified by certifications.

Installing and configuring an infrastructure is time-consuming and does not create real added value. Because time is precious, dbi services has developed provisioning processes to automate these tedious tasks, such as the cloning of Oracle Databases, the easy deployment of an Oracle Data Guard or Dbvisit cluster, the setup of a MySQL cluster infrastructure, the elaboration of concepts based on virtualization technologies (Oracle VM etc.), or the automatized deployment of Microsoft SQL Server databases with Sysprep.

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Development environment implementation

As an IT infrastructure expert, we are able to efficiently implement reliable development environments based on our best practice, enabling you to focus on the development of customized applications.

dbi services helps you install and configure development infrastructures based on development frameworks such as the HTML5 compliant rapid application development tool Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), or Oracle Forms and Reports.

Our consultants are also experts in the implementation of SharePoint infrastructures for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), collaboration, as well as for internet, intranet, and extranet portals.

We can also perform requirements analysis for the design of your future SharePoint infrastructure or assist you in SharePoint migration projects.

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Hardware implementation & support

As a specialist in the implementation of IT infrastructures, dbi services also takes into account your hardware needs.

Based on our best practices, our experienced consultants will make sure the implemented hardware is adapted to the requirements of your IT infrastructure in terms of sizing, performance, licensing, maintainability, etc.

dbi services is also specialized in the implementation of Oracle hardware solutions such as Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Exadata, and Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance (Oracle VCA).

ODA is a single-box database solution with a clustered database server covering hardware, networking, storage, and software. If you want to know more about our Oracle ODA hardware implementation and support services, please have a look at our ODA page.

Via its subsidiary Arcentis, dbi services is able to provide comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions including hardware from Dell, HP, IBM, etc.

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Fixed price services or projects

dbi services provides services at fixed prices for your IT infrastructure. These Fixed Price Services are safe investments without any annoying budget surprises!

Our certified experts provide state-of-the-art installation, coaching, evaluation, and review services – at short notice if necessary. Benefit from a safe and optimized environment and get best value for your money!

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