IT performance management


Possible bottlenecks in your IT systems have to be identified and fixed as soon as possible to enable a powerful IT. dbi services makes sure you always get the best performance out of your infrastructure. Our consultants are experts in improving the output of your IT infrastructure through techniques like performance testing, tuning, code review, or troubleshooting.

dbi services analyses all important Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or  NoSQL infrastructure components such as databases, middleware applications, storage, network, and hardware to optimize the performance of your infrastructure.

As a database specialist, dbi services performs SQL evaluations and provides improvement solutions (e. g. optimizer configuration). We also setup performance monitoring strategies through adapted tools and frameworks.

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Testing of infrastructure performance (best practice)

The dbi services experts are skilled in the methods, best practices, and tools necessary to evaluate the performances of your IT infrastructure (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.).
Every customer wants to know if their servers and in particular their storage is performing well.

dbi services can execute storage performance analyses based on a documented approach. We are able to compare the results with those of similar customer environments.
dbi services can also perform stress tests on the operating system, the database, and the middleware infrastructure in order to validate the performance promised by the hardware distributor.

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Database tuning

Database tuning is a very broad field that needs a high degree of expertise. The dbi services consultants are certified experts in Oracle & SQL Server database tuning.

They know the best tools for database performance monitoring, how to configure a database instance, and which database settings should be improved.

Our Oracle tuning experts – two of whom are Oracle Certified Masters – will share their knowledge, methods, and tools with you in our two-day dbi InSite workshop “Oracle Performance Tuning”.

Through various practical exercises and live demos, you will understand how the Oracle Optimizer works and learn how to make the best out of it.

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Middleware and application server tuning

Together with databases, application servers are core component of every IT infrastructure, as they hold the business logic.

Our middleware and application server experts are able to identify bottlenecks and adapt the application server configuration to get the most out of it.

Sizing the memory areas of the Java virtual machine, configuring the connection pool, and optimizing inefficient Java code is part of their skill set.

By opting for dbi services, you will not only have access to certified application server experts.

You will also profit from our pool of experienced database and operating system specialists who are able to carry on with the tuning of the application code, the storage, and the servers of the IT infrastructure.

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Code review for Java, PL/SQL, and .NET

The dbi services experts are specialized in the review of Java, SQL, PL/SQL and .NET code in order to ensure its conformity with industry standards and best practices.

The application coding can be responsible for up to 80 percent of all performance issues.

Only skilled and experienced consultants can provide this expertise and take it into account for a comprehensive application performance management.

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Ad hoc performance troubleshooting

Performance issues are complex, because they can occur at several levels of your IT environment.

Each layer of your IT system – e. g. storage, server, operating system, database, application server, application code, etc. – can be affected by misconfigurations or wrong programming.

Our application performance management (APM) approach will identify the impacted layer and focus on troubleshooting the concerned component(s).

However, no troubleshooting and APM method can completely replace experienced consultants.

The dbi services experts are highly skilled and certified (e. g. Oracle Certified Master or Microsoft Certified Master certifications) and involved in complex performance analysis and tuning activities.

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