Business solution integration and scheduler

When acquiring a specific business software solution, customers are confronted with several challenges. Business solutions have to be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure landscape, for example Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or NoSQL. Either the business solution uses technologies already installed on the customer’s IT infrastructure, or new technologies have to be deployed.

In the first case, dbi services will help the customer and the editor of the business solution to integrate the software in the new IT environment, in accordance with the rules and standards in place.

In the second case, dbi services can deploy the new technologies or adapt the business software solution into your infrastructure (e.g.: from IBM WebSphere to Oracle Weblogic; from Oracle Enterprise Edition to Oracle Standard Edition, etc.).

Furthermore, dbi services provides you with its expertise in orchestration and schedulers for any situation. Its team of workload automation experts offers a range of services around Control-M including installation, implementation, training, technical assistance, conversion and upgrades.

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Integration of a standard business software into your infrastructure

Some standard business solutions –ERP, CRM or ECM/DMS solutions – can run on several platforms and IT infrastructures. dbi services helps customer to deploy these standard business software  – such as SAP, OpenText Documentum, Microsoft Dynamics – on their IT infrastructure in compliance with their standards and the software editor’s requirements.

Our experienced Consultants are skilled in standard business software such us OpenText Documentum and have developed best practices, standards, and methodologies to implement and operate these solutions on Oracle environments with maximum efficiency.

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Integration of custom software

Custom software or solutions especially developed for the customer or for a reduced set of users often lack sufficient documentation, a sound deployment methodology, and efficient operational standards.

As highly customized applications focus on business goals and functionalities, they may be poorly standardized, which can result in higher operational costs.

With its methods and through its highly skilled experts, dbi services is able to realize frameworks for the automated and industrialized deployment and management of the underlying IT infrastructure.

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Customization of a business software in your infrastructure

dbi services realizes customization of business software solutions with a special focuses on the operational layer of the IT system. We are able to offer improvements and tuning strategies for operating systems, databases, and middleware layers.

Both the customer and the software editor will benefit from our expertise in these IT fields and optimize the business impact of their IT solutions.

dbi services can optimize the settings of Windows or Linux/UNIX operating systems (e. g.: kernel parameters and other operating system configurations), improve the configuration of your Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database, and improve the behavior and configuration of application servers such as Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, GlassFish, Apache Tomcat, and Microsoft SharePoint.

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