Allow anyone to deploy anything, anywhere

by Hervé Schweitzer, CTO & Principal Consultant
by Jérôme Witt, Delivery Manager & Principal Consultant

Linux, Windows, OCI, AWS, Azure, On-Prem, Oracle Database, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, WildFly, Tomcat, Ansible, Terraform, etc. The number of combinations of what can be deployed, where and how becomes almost unlimited (not to say slightly overwhelming). This is precisely where YaK comes in! How? By providing an open-source framework that allows anyone to deploy any type of component on any platform while ensuring quality, best practices and reducing time to market.

Database Migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Let’s try using Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM)!

by Marc Wagner, Senior Consultant

How can we easily migrate our On-Prem Oracle databases to OCI? What are the solutions? In this session, we will mainly talk about the ZDM tool and its implementation. We will have a demo and try a live On-Prem database migration to OCI using ZDM. We will also talk about “Exadata Cloud@Customer” which is part of Oracle’s cloud offering (OCI).

Cloud migration made easy with automated data verification

by Marc Keller, Account Manager
by Frank Zeindler, Product Owner

The migration of your applications and databases from On-Prem to the Cloud is challenging. There are various risks and a huge organization and coordination effort is needed to succeed. Many organizations delay their “going-to-the-Cloud” project mainly because of one reason: the fear that after the migration, applications will not work correctly anymore due to data loss or incorrect data migration. By using the OMrun framework for the automated data quality check and data verification, your Cloud migration will turn into a controllable and hassle-free step into the future.


16.05.2023, 08:00 – 11:30
Hotel Alpha Palmiers
Rue du Petit-Chêne 34, 1003 Lausanne

23.05.2023, 08:00 – 11:30
FlexOffice Barfüsserplatz 
Barfüsserplatz 3, 4051 Basel