The open-source hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution for a cloud-native world 

In English

Misa Stozinic, Consultant at dbi services

SUSE Harvester is an open-source, Kubernetes-based virtualization platform designed to deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs) and containerized workloads. We will work with the GUI and Shell to find out how Harvester OS “MicroOS” can be configured and what it needs to work properly. Additionally, we will set up a complete virtual environment with multiple test VMs to explore the Harvester interface and YAML-Setup scripts.

Drive your application deployment with GitOps using ArgoCD

In French

Nicolas Meunier, Consultant at dbi services

Explore GitOps’ continuous delivery to deploy and maintain an application. Manage your application deployment in Kubernetes with Argo CD from a declaration in a Git Repository.

Efficiently store your data with cloud-native technologies 

In French

Jean-Philippe Clapot, Technology Leader & Chay Te, Consultant at dbi services

Modern cloud-native platforms offer a wide range of tools and frameworks for building, deploying, and managing applications. They also foster the emergence of new paradigms and architectures! Let’s discuss how your data is handled in such environments. 

In partnership with Suse


SUSE is a global leader in open-source solutions, relied upon by more than 60% of the Fortune 500 to power their mission-critical workloads. The company behind Rancher, NeuVector and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE), SUSE collaborates with partners and communities to empower customers to innovate everywhere – from the data center to the cloud.


06.06.2024, 08:00 – 13:30 (incl. lunchtime)
Hotel Aquatis
Route de Berne 148, 1010 Lausanne