SQL Server FCI in AWS

In French the 27.08.2024, in English the 29.08.2024

Nathan Courtine, Technology Leader & Principal Consultant at dbi services

The Cloud offers a new environment, new concepts, and new challenges. It also comes with new configurations and new best practices.

Let’s see how to deploy the famous Failover Cluster Instance in the AWS cloud.

Useful AWS services to operate SQL Server in the Cloud

In French the 27.08.2024, in English the 29.08.2024

Nicolas Jardot, Principal Consultant & Technology Leader at dbi services

The Lift and Shift approach allows you to move to the Cloud and operate your SQL Server databases using the same tools as on-premises. However, the Cloud offers many more services, and using them could be an asset to your infrastructure.

Discover how to combine AWS services with SQL Server to operate your databases more efficiently.

What to choose between Azure SQL DB and Managed Instance?

In English the 27.08.2024, in German the 29.08.2024

Petar Prljevic, Delivery Manager & Consultant at dbi services

Understand the nuances between Azure SQL DB and Managed Instance, two popular Azure PaaS solutions, to make a well-informed choice for your application.


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