Real-time reporting of your on-premises data with SQL Server 2022 Azure Synapse Link

By Christophe Cosme, Principal Consultant · Microsoft

The new SQL Server 2022 feature named Synapse link allows you to analyze your on-premises data in real-time using the power of Azure Synapse. It avoids the long and cumbersome development time of ETL/ELT processes. Can real-time reporting be so easy to setup? Let’s discover this feature and demonstrate it

SQL Server Contained Availability Groups

by Nathan Courtine, Technology Leader & Senior Consultant · Microsoft

A classic Availability Group (AG) synchronizes one or more user databases across nodes. Introduced in SQL Server 2022, Contained AGs now include key system objects (such as logins & agent jobs) which may prevent business impact if these objects are not correctly replicated. Through this session, we will walk into this new feature and determine how our business can benefit from it.
(This session will be presented in French in Lausanne and in English in Olten)

SQL Server 2022 Intelligent Query Processing

by Steven Naudet, Senior Consultant · Microsoft

SQL Server 2022 introduces new features and improvements to the Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) feature family, including Parameter Sensitive Plan, DOP feedback, and CE feedback. These optimizations allow for better query plan adaptability and dynamic performance adjustments. Intelligent query processing is a family of features that improves the performance of existing workloads with minimal implementation effort. In this session, we’ll see how these IQP features can improve database in SQL Server 2022.
(This session will be presented in French in Lausanne and in English in Olten)


04.04.2023, 8:30-13:30 (lunchtime included)
Hotel Alpha Palmiers
Rue du Petit-Chêne 34, 1003 Lausanne

06.04.2023, 8:30-13:30 (lunchtime included)
Hotel Astoria
Hübelistrasse 15, 4600 Olten