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dbi InSite workshops

Retain knowledge through practical learning

We especially developed our dbi InSite workshops to ensure effective, long-term learning through practice. Participants get advantage of the experience and expertise from our experts thanks practical and real-case exercises. This learning concept enables participants to learn best practices and to use the right tools to tackle everyday issues.

dbi services’ experts have always been interested in sharing their experiences. This is the reason why they run their own courses dedicated to Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Linux and SharePoint technologies. dbi InSite workshops enable participants to benefit from our consultants’ expertise and experience in infrastructure administration, backup and restore, high availability, as well as performance and tuning management.

We call our training courses “workshops” because they are much more than theory lessons to be absorbed in a couple of days. dbi InSite workshops mainly consist of case studies and exercises to ensure knowledge will be efficiently retained.

The high level of satisfaction among dbi InSite workshops’ participants is mainly due to this practically-focussed learning. It is no surprise if scientific studies show that learning through practical experience is far more effective, which is attested by the testimonials of participants:

“dbi services’ trainings tackle issues we frequently face. There is a lot of practical work and we benefit from the experience of the trainer as well as the other participants.”

“The workshops run by dbi services helped me to learn best practices through exercises that get right to the point.”

We thank participants for their trust and kindly invite you to experience our dbi InSite workshops by yourself.