Oracle Database Appliance… What’s new? (in French)

Marc Wagner, Senior Consultant at dbi services

September 2023 : Oracle presents the new ODA generation, the ODA X10.
March 2024 : Oracle announces  the ODA 19.22 release.
What does the new hardware generation bring? What does it imply? What changes should we expect on the license side? Which ODA version should I use? What are the last ODA release interesting features?
In this session we will discuss about the recent changes related to the ODA hardware and the ODA license model. We will also talk about the interesteing features that came with the last versions.

Oracle 23c new features and Managing DBs with d.side (in English)

Clemens Bleile, Technology Leader & Principal Consultant

The presentation consists of 2 parts: First, some selected interesting new features of Oracle 23c will be shown. The second part introduces a tool for monitoring Oracle DBs: d.side, a tool that does not require a specific Oracle license, but still shows data similar to the Active Session History that is part of Oracle’s Diagnostic Pack. Thus, d.side is the perfect tool to monitor Standard Edition 2 DBs and Enterprise Edition DBs without licensing the Diagnostic Pack. However, the concept behind the tool is so good that it also qualifies to monitor Enterprise Edition DBs with the Diagnostics and/or Tuning Pack licensed.

Oracle Security, A Project Experience (in French)

Alexandre Nestor, Consultant

From zero to hero, Oracle database full environment security implementation. For one of the world’s top 20 banks, improving database security with Oracle Key Vault, Oracle Vault, Oracle Data Masking, TLS connection, etc.


23.05.2024, 08:00 – 13:30 (incl. lunchtime)
Hotel Aquatis
Route de Berne 148, 1010 Lausanne