Jérôme Dubar

Senior Consultant at dbi services

Jérôme Dubar has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Ten years ago, he specialized in the Oracle Database technology. His expertise is focused on database architectures, high availability (RAC), disaster recovery (DataGuard), backups (RMAN), performance analysis and tuning (AWR/statspack), migration, consolidation and appliances, especially ODA (his main projects during the last years).

Prior to joining dbi services, Jérôme Dubar worked in a Franco-Belgian IT service company as Database team manager and main consultant for 7 years. He also worked for 5 years in a software editor company as technical consultant across France. He was also teaching Oracle Database lessons for 9 years.

Jérôme Dubar holds a Computer Engineering degree from the Lille Sciences and Technologies university in northern France.

His branch-related experience covers the public sector, retail, industry, banking, health, e-commerce and IT sectors.