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Yann Neuhaus
Yann Neuhaus

Vice-chairman of the Board, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Region Manager

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    Deploying a KVM-based virtualized X8-2M ODA

    Introduction Until now, High-Availability (HA) ODAs could have been deployed either in bare metal or in virtualized mode. Virtualized mode means that instead of installing a classic Linux system on…

    Alfresco – ActiveMQ not starting, blocking Alfresco

    As already mentioned in a previous blog, ActiveMQ has been used in the scope of Alfresco since quite some time. Initially, as an optional component but then, it became mandatory….

    JENKINS – some ways to restart manually Jenkins services

    Hi Team, Depending on your actions performed on your master,sometimes Jenkins needs to be restarted,for that,we have many alternatives,it is not supposed to be a tough task but it can…