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Event « Open Infrastructure Day » in Basel – 26.09.19

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Event « Open Infrastructure Day »

26.09.19 in Basel

After the success of the latest Open Infra Days, we are pleased to announce an additional event focused on Open Source technologies. Our Open Infra Days include two technical streams in which various Open Source topics such as Suse Linux Enterprise Server, MySQL, Cluster Control, Docker, Red Hat, Linux, MariaDB and PostgreSQL are presented. The concept is simple: You choose which presentation you want to attend, we share our knowledge with you and answer your questions. This event is free and non-binding.


Are you ready for the next level? EDB Containers in RedHat OpenShift

Presented by :

Docker and Kubernetes are everywhere and OpenShift is one of the major platforms for them. Combining these two technologies with EDB Containers will push your database infrastructure to a new level: Easy deployment, autoscaling, automatic failover, active directory integration and backup & recovery. We will start with a short introduction and then get into the heart of the matter with a live demo.

MariaDB: How can Docker help for disaster recovery?

Presented by :

During this session, I will demonstrate how to perform a recovery in case of accidental data corruption or deletion by using multiple containerized MariaDB delayed slaves.

PostgreSQL tuning for Oracle DBAs

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When tuning a database system, the same problems often arise, regardless of the database system: Optimizer features/bugs, badly written SQL, understanding of database parameters and storage and operating system (mis-) configuration. PostgreSQL is not an exception. However, when trying to tune PostgreSQL with a pure Oracle background there are some similarities and major differences. One commonly misunderstood area is the optimization on PostgreSQL and what it can or cannot do. This topic may be challenging, especially for long-term Oracle DBAs who recently switched to PostgreSQL.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 new features

Presented by :

Linux is everywhere. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS distributions are increasingly used on the server side. At the end of 2018, RHEL 8 Beta was released with a set of major and minor new features. Let’s discover some of them.

Running databases (aka statefulset applications) in container orchestrators world

Presented by :

  • David Barbarin, Microsoft Technology Leader and Principal Consultant

Containers offer significant value to businesses including increased agility as well as the ability to move applications between bare metal or virtual machines in multi-cloud or multi-datacenters environments. This new design pattern provides elasticity for application services as well as high availability through container orchestrators like Docker Swarm or K8s. However, if organizations already took a step further with stateless applications, they still often isolate their stateful workloads like data services building new silos in their infrastructure. In this session, we will discover challenges and solutions to run a stateful workload in a container world.

MySQL Group Replication in Docker Containers

Presented by :

Would you like to get a clustered environment up and running in a very short time and automate your deployment? What are you waiting for? Attend my session and you will discover how to get a high available replication topology on Docker.

GLOBAL SESSION - SUSE Container Management and Application Delivery

Presented by:

  • Christian Pfenninger

Containers, container management and application deployment are recurring topics. But why do we really need them, what are they used for and which problems do they solve?
During my presentation I will give you an overview of containers, their management as well as the application delivery.
Next, you will learn how SUSE Container as a service platform (Kubernetes) and SUSE Cloud Application Platform (Cloud Foundry) can help you address the various challenges in this area.
Finally, we will have a look at some competitors’ products and show you some main differences.


Hotel Radisson Blu

Steinentorstrasse 25

4051 Basel


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