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Webinar SQL

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Data virtualization:  Dream or reality?

28.09.2020 & 24.11.2020 – 10:30-11:30 am – Online

Presented by Christophe Cosme

Learn how SQL Server 2019 has extended its features through virtualization by avoiding movement and data replication during their integration. Discover also a new virtual environment that is becoming increasingly important in a world where information must be consumed quickly. The seminar is held in French and in German.

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OI Days 2020 – Online

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Webinar Open Infrastructure (in English)

17.09.2020, Online

We are pleased to present you the new edition of our Open Infra Day. This year, our Open Source-oriented event includes three technical presentations exploring various topics such as Kubernetes, Suse Linux Enterprise and PostgreSQL.


One click "Instant Postgres cloning" with Suse BTRFS


With today’s Dev/Ops approach, databases need to be provisioned and cloned instantly.

Developers often need new Postgres instances for development and testing purposes against a defined version. These must be readily available for testing and validation procedures. By combining PostgreSQL with the BRTFS filesystem on SUSE Linux Enterprise systems, this requirement becomes a no brainer.

This session will guide you through rapid provisioning and cloning using BRTFS subvolumes in an automated way. Wrap that into Ansible playbooks and database instances can be provisioned and cloned by everyone.

Presented by

  • SaĂŻd Mendi, Consultant at dbi services
Will PostgreSQL finally get the “undo” function?


Traditionally PostgreSQL stores relations in a format called ” heap “. This comes with advantages, but also with drawbacks. One of the downsides is that every PostgreSQL DBA needs to deal with bloat at some point in time as updates generate new rows in PostgreSQL.

Zheap promises to eliminate most of this bloat. In addition, it claims to be superior for certain kinds of workloads by introducing undo segments. In various demos, we will go through the architecture of zheap, highlight its advantages and then do some tests, thus comparing heap and zheap.

Presented by

  • Daniel Westermann, Technology Leader Open Infrastructure and Principal Consultant at dbi services
OpenShift Container Platform - Kubernetes for enterprises


Containers, Kubernetes and hybrid cloud. What’s behind the hype and how these technologies can help your business.

What are Containers and their benefits.

Why you need Kubernetes and what it can do.

Deploying, delivering, and scaling containers with OpenShift.


Presented by

  • Marius Lapagna, Solution Architect at Red Hat


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Cloud event

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Cloud event

3.11.2020 in French & 5.11.2020 in German / ONLINE

Cloud technologies are constantly evolving, and it sometimes becomes difficult to get an overview of the latest innovations or to compare the technologies among themselves. Through this event dedicated to Cloud platforms, we’d like to provide you with a technical and convivial moment. You will discover various services offered by the AWS Cloud to operate a Data Center, what are the possibilities proposed by Microsoft Azure in the context of data virtualization or how it is possible to use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for application consolidation.

Our partners Oracle, AWS and Microsoft will be present at this event and delighted to answer your questions.


AWS presentation & Operating a Data Center in AWS Cloud

AWS presentation

Short introduction on AWS and its cloud solution.

Presented by

  • 3.11.2020, in French: Eric Bianchi, Senior Solutions Architect
  • 5.11.2020, in German: Matthias Egli, Partner Development Manager

Operating a Data Center in AWS Cloud

Operating a data center involves many different areas (machine provisioning, OS installation, network configuration, etc.). Based on a customer mandate, this session will present main AWS services to operate data center operations in the AWS public cloud. It will show different tools used to provision both EC2 (IaaS) and RDS instances (PaaS). You will then learn how AWS System Manager is leveraged to automate patching of servers that run in the Cloud or on premises.

Presented by

  • Nicolas Jardot, Senior Consultant at dbi services
Microsoft presentation & Data virtualization within Microsoft Azure

Microsoft presentation

Short presentation on Microsoft and the Azure cloud.

Presented by

  • 3.11.2020, in French: Jean-Loup Orgitello, Azure presales at TechData
  • 5.11.2020, in German: Okan Topcu, Azure presales at TechData

Data virtualization within Microsoft Azure

With the current focus on enterprise digitalization, data management has become a real challenge. Microsoft’s data virtualization technology enables you to federate your data located in Azure and in AWS.

Presented by

  • Christophe Cosme, Consultant at dbi services
Oracle presentation & Using OCI for infrastructure consolidation

Oracle presentation

Short presentation on Oracle and its cloud services.

Presented by

  • 3.11.2020, in English: Thomas Teske, Business Development Manager Technology at Oracle & Robert Houska, Field CTO at Oracle
  • 5.11.2020, in German: Thomas Teske, Business Development Manager Technology at Oracle & Robert Houska, Field CTO at Oracle

Using OCI for infrastructure consolidation

This presentation describes how the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can be used for an application consolidation. Based on a customer project, we will show various steps, such as the network configuration, on-premises integration, database and application server setup, which are necessary to transfer the systems to the OCI. Finally, procedures will be presented to show how systems are made highly available (data guard, load balancer) or how golden images can facilitate the provision of new systems. This infrastructure was set up within 3 days and the migration of 5 customers including the test and production system were carried out in about 1 month. Meanwhile the customer operates 22 clients in the OCI.

Presented by

  • Thomas Rein, Senior Consultant at dbi services

DevOps Webinar – english

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DevOps Webinar

May 26th at 11 am

Thank you for your interest in our DevOps Webinar. The event is unfortunately fully booked. Please contact the Region Manager of your nearest subsidiary.

Join us remotely for the technical session “DevOps for Ops at dbi services” presented by Arnaud Berbier.
Within an hour, you will know if the legacy applications are ready for the Cloud Native, deployed in production and if they are really appropriate. You will also find out if JenkinsX EcoSystem is useful in this context.
During this presentation, Arnaud Berbier will share his experience in implementing JenkinsX as a CI/CD platform in the pharmaceutical industry.

Please note that places are limited. Do not hesitate to register as soon as possible.
The information on remote login will be communicated to you in due time.