OMrun is a powerful tool for data staging that allows you to easily load a wide range of file formats like CSV and XML files in databases. This means, OMrun will automatically detect the data structure and convert it to the appropriate format for your database. It generates reusable SQL queries for every staged file. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially when working with large datasets.

Test scenario of data staging

The various data loading processes are orchestrated with the OMrun test scenario. Based on the selected file type, the database table is generated and the corresponding data is loaded. The SQL query is automatically created and saved during the staging process. The stored queries are reusable to gather data from the staged tables within other test objects.

Process log and generated query

In addition to its powerful data staging features, OMrun also offers a variety of other benefits. For example it can be used to perform data validation and cleaning, as well as data transformation and aggregation. This means that you can use OMrun to ensure that your data is clean and accurate before it is loaded into your database.

Overall, OMrun is a powerful tool for data management that offers a variety of features. Whether you’re working with large datasets or a variety of different data sources, OMrun can help you easily bring all of your data together in one place and ensure that it is clean and accurate.

Read more about data migration with OMrun in Part 2 coming soon.