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For some test purpose I wanted to export my folders but with some fields missing ( for example the host name or the “run as” field ) but as you know it’s not possible to do such a task.

Indeed ,when you define your jobs in the planning domain , before any check-in task , Control-M will check if all mandatory fields are correctly defined , if this prerequisite is completed then you will be able to make your export and to check in your folder

Note: Before any check-in, the best practice is to perform an export of our folder in order to roll back your actions if you encounter an issue 🙂

Export the folder with missing fields

Let’s try an export…

An Alert Window shows us that the export was not possible because of some errors found during the validation process

Check-in the folder with missing fields

Now we will try if we can perform a folder check-in…

We have an error message regarding the Check In requirements and advising us to fix this error before being able to perform this update.

So obviously there is no way to do the export/check-in unless we remove this alert window….Thankfully there is a solution 🙂

Solution to allow Export/Check-in with validation error

In the planning domain , go on file then select options:

In the planning part following Validity check, tick the box “Allow Export with Validation Errors”

Click OK and try again

Now as you can see there is a warning message but you can anyway save your export and also check-in the folder ( that’s what we were trying to do )

If you still have issues when trying to Export/Check-in

This solution is working for Control-M/Enterprise Manager Version 9.0.18 and Above:

Some people may still have issues when trying to export or check-in their folders , for that there is some additional tasks to perform:

First, Connect to the Control-M Configuration Manager ( CCM ):

Then go to system parameters by right clicking on Control-EM EM component

Select advanced part then type “allow” in the “name” field of the search filter

update the value to YES “Y” for the field allowCheckingWithValidationErrors

Now you should be able to export your folder and perform your check-in even with missing fields ( of course this update is to done only if you know what you are doing , by default it is better to let Control-M check the folder mandatory fields before any export/check in )


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