Hi everybody

Today I will give you a feedback about ab Event organized by MongoDB:

The MongoDB.local event


Last week, I made a trip to Frankfurt to attend a special event made by MongoDB, I learn a lot of things and met a lot of interesting and kind people.It was the occasion to share our knowledge and our working methods.

What is MongoDB.local ?

The purpose of this event is to talk about how MongoDB can be used, what are the best practices and what are the new and useful features to data-driven applications without distraction.

At MongoDB.local a bunch of MongoDB experts are here to show us new ways to build with MongoDB,give us updates about incoming features and it is also a way to meet customers and developers.

Sessions were presented in a German and English (for Frankfurt).

You can find a MongoDB.local even close to your city.

Get my access and breakfast

After gaining access and having breakfast, I took a look at the agenda (I have chosen the English sessions, don’t ask me why 🙂 ).

It was a good idea to be among the first for this event as it was very busy – I was expecting only 100 people, but there were about 600!

It was the same inside the rooms during the session, with latecomers standing at the sides of the room.

My agenda

As said before I have chosen the session in English so let’s take a look to it:

  • Building Intuitive Data Discovery Experiences: Tips and Tricks to Using Atlas Search
  • Keynote
  • From RDBMS to NoSQL at Enterprise Scale
  • End to End Design Thinking with the Developer Data Platform
  • Connected Products – Level Up Your Customer Experience with MongoDB Atlas and AWS
  • ZF SCALAR – The Next Generation of Fleet Management
  • The Principles of Data Modeling for MongoDB
  • Real-time Data in Lidl Stores: A Use Case of Schwarz IT
  • Supercharging AI with MongoDB – Predictive to Generative
  • Harness the Power of AI/ML and Generative AI on AWS with MongoDB Atlas

All the subjects were extremely interesting and rich in information, so I won’t be able to go into all the details, but I’ll give you the main idea.

An interesting session about how to use Atlas ( tool developed by MongoDB ) to perform tasks and queries,including proven practices and definite things to avoid.

Kamil Wieczorek showed us how to create an auto-completion index and also facets, he talk to us about vector search as well.TOP session!


This session from Boris Bialek was about news related to MongoDB and how to learn new way to use MongoDB and its features in our environment ( we say some example about encryption,the requirement of modern application and a chapter regarding AI ), MongoDB is following the fact that data management is constantly in progress and growing thus MongoDB is a perfect tool which adapt to that.

Boris talked also about the latest MongoDB version: 7.0 how easy it is to upgrade and this latest version’s features

From RDBMS to NoSQL at Enterprise Scale

This session introduces developers, technologists, and technical decision-makers to the NoSQL mindset.

It explores the design patterns and best practices to the migration process form RDBMS to NoSQL following the own experience of a Rick Houlihan‘s use case.

Rick also in his conclusion warned us about the RDBMS efficiency decreasing.

He talked about the DB relational migration tool from MongoDB to perform fast and easy migrations.

End to End Design Thinking with the Developer Data Platform

In this session, Boris introduced the concept of the developer data platform using practical examples and present easy-to-apply templates. We’ve seen how to unify the data and streamline the development process.

Boris proposed us to create a seamless user experience and avoiding redundant coding and disjunct data.

  • Some use case presented by Boris

Connected Products – Level Up Your Customer Experience with MongoDB Atlas and AWS

The time of disconnected hardware products is over. People are looking for smart devices and exciting customer experiences where you can start a task on one device and continue it on another.

In this session, Arnaldo Vera explained us how MongoDB Atlas, Realm, and Device Sync provide us with the building blocks to build such functionality quickly and how easy it is to integrate with the cloud ecosystem.

Arnaldo Vera gave us the opportunity to learn about the latest tools and technologies for building smart, connected devices and providing seamless customer experiences.

He presented us an example with a connected app for your car, it was very impressive on how fast and intuitive it was.

ZF SCALAR – The Next Generation of Fleet Management

SCALAR is ZF’s global new digital Fleet Orchestration solution.

It helps fleets solve all transport challenges in real-time by combining data sources across the transportation process.

To achieve the ZF’s business strategy MongoDB plays a pivotal role to process billions of messages per month in a scalable, reliable & cost-efficient way.

The Principles of Data Modeling for MongoDB

Creating a schema for a relational database is a straightforward process, but designing a schema for a MongoDB application may seem a little more challenging.

However, it doesn’t have to be if you follow the main principles that MongoDB has identified for its users. In this talk, Daniel Coupal will go over these data modeling principles and provide modeling tips to help us address the constant changes in the data technology world, such as new features in MongoDB, hardware evolution, data lakes, and the growing impact of analytics.

After this instructive session, we have a better idea on how to design an effective schema for our MongoDB application.

We can also keep up with the ever-changing landscape of data technology.

  • Keep this modeling methodology in mind:

Real-time Data in Lidl Stores: A Use Case of Schwarz IT

During this session Wided Zaidi gave us a use case of real time data management for Lidl all around the world.

Through aggregation, this data is utilized to display stock availability, which is then presented to customers and utilized for internal operations.

The objective is to improve the overall shopping experience while streamlining internal operations.

Such an interesting session which showed us the power of MongoDB for the real time data management.

Supercharging AI with MongoDB – Predictive to Generative

Wanted to learn building modern, machine learning-driven applications, such as real-time fraud detection, hyper-personalization, and chatbots, using MongoDB Atlas developer data platform?

The session here was perfect for that!

We also saw practical examples to showcase the powerful capabilities of MongoDB Atlas developer data platform and demonstrate how we can leverage it to build robust, scalable, and innovative machine learning applications for your enterprise.

I was not aware that MongoDB was so involved in AI improvement.


  • AI is used and developed by big companies for purpose we don’t even imagine!

Harness the Power of AI/ML and Generative AI on AWS with MongoDB Atlas

For the last session Igor Alekseev from AWS, showed us how to enhance our productivity, transform our business on generative AI (again!) on AWS with MongoDB Atlas.

  • Below an example of MongoDB used for AWS AI service:
  • An example of the MongoDB reference architecture:
  • MongoDB is also used with AWS for its fraud detection tool to identify fraud faster:


After this event I felt more aware about how huge are the capabilities are for so many use cases.

Performance speed and evolutionary are the main characteristics .

I’ve also get a high-level overview of what MongoDB just released and what new features are coming up.

But there is also the human aspect:

I was able to share with developer,other MongoDB users,connect with new colleagues and also interact with the MongoDB specialists and leaders on their respective stands.

If you have some question about you own infra you can also ask for an advice,the team is really available to support you and give a lot of solutions that will help you for sure!

Thanks to Samantha Hogan for her kindness and also thanks to Karolina Ruiz Rogelj and her team, hope to be here again next time and share together with dbi services!