A summary of the topics from the second day of the M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024.

M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024 - Second Day

Introduction to the second day of M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024

The second day of the of the M-Files IMPACT Global Conference 2024 has started with the Welcome Keynote and Partner Update. Presenter of the Welcome session were Laura Carson, (Chief Marketing Officer), Antti Nivala (Founder and CEO) and Bob Pritchard(Chief Revenue Officer). 
First thing they mentioned, the conference of Madrid is the one with the highest partners attendance ever. First time in M-Files history, that we have a combined summit with the Customer and Partners.
Main topics were about the Knowledge work approach and the AI in M-Files. AINO is the name for AI in M-Files.

Message from the M-Files Founder and CEO Antti Nivila

M-Files ensured that their objectiv is to provide all the needed resources and information to their partners to ensure a successful grow with M-Files and to support our clients in the best possible way.
Antti Nivala explained the beginning of M-Files and visualized it in a nice diagram, see below. The future will be clearly the “Knowledge work automation” with the support of AI, as you can see on the right side of the diagram.

M-Files from the beginn to the knowledge work automation and generative AI

Partner Update

Besides the update of the key figures and they were talking about the grow of the partner network around the globe. For Switzerland they mentioned dbi services as you can see in the picture below. We are on the top middle of picture.

dbi services is M-Files Partner

Driving Digital Transformation with Knowledge Work Automation & Artificial Intelligence was the next

Interessting session ,in which they explained that the knowledge work bear the burden of managing information manually. A lot of different sources keep the data a knowledge work needs to fulfil his job. Like shared folders, Sharpoint or traditional document systems.
The challenge is to free up the knowledge work to spent time of searching the right information. M-Files can help them to get out of this pain with automation of classification of information. Workflows with security implementation ensure the compliance.

Industry Solution Builder

With the Industry Solution Builder it is possible to create a solution by answering question. A new vault deployment can be started with choosing a pre-defined use-case and then answering a set of question. Features and application of a vault can be automatically installed by the Industry Solution Builder.

As a M-Files Partner, we have the possibility to develop our own questionnaires for Industry Solutions. We can therefore, develop according to the requirements of a specific use-case.

The Industry Solution Builder is available in the M-Files Cloud, and soon also for on-premisses deployments.

Industry Solution Builder available in the Cloud and soon on-premisses

Generative AI and M-Files

Generative AI and M-Files provides the possibility to perform the inquire in the user context. This includes the information of the metadata with their permission. This ensures that only data for which the requester has the permission will be searched and passed back. An other advantage is, that the response is more accurate. As the search is performed in the defined context.

Generative AI and M-Files

The second day ended with the Welcome Reception for Customers and Partners. Day three and four will be the combined session with Customers and Partners.