Welcome session

After breakfast we headed to the Auditorium to see the CEO Welcome session for the user and partners.

What is knowledge work automation and how it can help.

  • Say goodbye to information chaos.
  • Improve process efficiency and information accuracy
  • Reduce businees risk

What is the role of AI in automation and how to unlock the benefits of generative AI within M-Files.

  • Connectivity
    AI needs access to the right information resource to provide real value.
  • Confidentiality
    AI must comply not the organization security policy.
  • Curation
    Only up-to-date and relevant information should be accessed by AI. This ensues the accuracy of the response.

    The difference of AI with M-Files when you search for information. Have a look to the catchwords in the diagram.

M-Files product news and the roadmap including the vision

As a quick recap of the Q32023 til Q22024, it was to build the foundation to improve the usability of the different M-Files products or clients. Furthermore, to establish a common identity and design.
The new clients and the web interface looks like in the pictures below.

Summary of additional product updates:

  • An option to directly send a document as PDF by E-Mail is added to the M-File clients.
  • In Hubshare the option to create widgets is now available.
  • M-Files Ment has the same look and feel and modern design as all the other M-Files products.
  • Microsoft Teams has an M-Files add-in know it is possible to save files directly into an M-Files Vault.
  • From Microsoft Outlook you can directly access the M-Files Vault and store information in it.
  • M-Files WEB can be used to manage custom permissions like in the desktop client.
  • Advanced quick search can be used in M-Files WEB.
  • Activity Feed in M-Files has new features for Version Rollback, Filters and View Creation.
  • Version Control from M-Files Compliance Kit can be used in M-Files WEB.

Nice features of the M-Files client to support the user to transfer into the new client experience are:

  • A button to change between the old and new desktop.
  • After login a Homescreen including all the M-Files Vaults the user has the permission.
  • Visualised workflow.

Timeline of the roll-out of the next generation desktop:

M-Files AI Strategy

The strategy of AI in M-Files is defined with the 3 pillars as shown in the diagram.

For AINO in M-Files two major announced happened during the session.

  • Microsoft Copilot will be integrated into M-Files.
  • Next generation of M-Files AINO will be available end of June 2024.

Stay tuned about the new version and upcoming improvements in this area. Further information is available at the AINO M-Files webpage.

To wrap-up the day, an event was organised by M-Files for the partners and customers.