First day of the IMPACT 2024 started very early in the Morning with the flight from Basel to Madrid. After the hotel checkin I headed to the conference hotel for the event registration.

After the registration I was walking around the event location to familiarize myself with this huge and phantasmic location.

Picture of the Auditorium of the M-Files IMPACT 2024 Global Conference.

First session was the welcome in the Auditorium. The M-Files CEO welcomed all the Partners for the Partner congress which will last the next two days. He was talking about the start of M-Files and why he founded it. His father was struggling with the huge amount of documents and to find them quick and easy. This brought him to the idea of Metadata structuring, instead of a folder with non structured data.
The idea was to describe documents instead to sort them in tons of folders and sub-folders.
This was the beginning of the M-Files story 🙂

Following the welcome session we continued with a speech of the on-premises to Cloud-Migrations. The technical exerts from M-Files were talking about their experience with her last migration projects. And what they would recommend to have a successful migration project. Preparation is one of the key elements including a well prepared migration plan. To support the Partner community, they are in the process to write migration templates including all the required steps. It will be available soon on the Partner Portal.
The message was, whenever possible to move into the M-Files Cloud.
Further information about the M-Files can be found under the following link

Anther session and the last session of the first day was around Demo and how to run them. The approach they recommend is to avoid long demos. A demo should be 5 minutes for a specific topic or function. This will allow questions and discussion with fresh information. A demo meeting can have more as one 5 minute demo, but not to much.

From my point of view is this a very great approach as it supports the interaction during the meeting.

After a break the day continued with the Welcome Reception for the Partners followed by Partner Award.

To close the first day we had a Partner Dinner with all the people from M-Files and the Partner Companies.

Stay tuned to read about the other days in my upcoming Blog’s 🙂