After upgrading the Oracle Access Manager from to, I extended the WebLogic Domain with User Messaging Services to be able to use the Forget Password feature.
The Oracle Support note ID 2302623.1 gives a good example how to do.
Oracle Access Manager 12cps3 (OAM Sample Application Demonstrates Forgot Password Flow Using Multi Factor Authentication REST APIs ( Doc ID 2302623.1 ).

But the OAM AdaptiveAuthenticatorPlugin was missing the UmsClientUrl property
and without this one, no way to send mails or SMS with the security token to the user requesting the reset of his password.

I decided to modify the oam-config.xml file with the missing property.
During the modification, I modfied the Version of the oam-config.xml to inform OAM about the configuration change.
What was my surprise when I saw that my modifications were reseted after the Administration Server was started new.

This has changed starting from OAM Now the oam-config is stored in the Metadata Database and needs to be exported,
modified and re-imported back to the database. The steps are described in the documentation (here).

I had then to follow then those steps as shown below:
First set the JAVA_HOME and PATH to point to the right Java Version.
$ export JAVA_HOME=/u00/app/oracle/product/Java/jdk
$ export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

The export requires a properties file defining te connection to the OAM repository$ more
[[email protected] OAM_CONFIG]$
Export the oam-config.xml file$ java -cp /u01/app/fmw_oim_12213/idm/oam/server/tools/config-utility/config-utility.jar:/u01/app/fmw_oim_12213/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jdbc/ojdbc8.jar /u02/app/config/domains/idm_domain/ export
Oct 15, 2018 6:40:44 PM getCommand
INFO: executable operation: export
This exports the oam-config.xml file in the local directory. Modify this file and import it back to the DB.$ java -cp /u01/app/fmw_oim_12213/idm/oam/server/tools/config-utility/config-utility.jar:/u01/app/fmw_oim_12213/oracle_common/modules/oracle.jdbc/ojdbc8.jar /u02/app/config/domains/idm_domain/ import
Oct 15, 2018 6:43:25 PM getCommand
INFO: executable operation: import
Oct 15, 2018 6:43:27 PM replaceValue
INFO: 191 will be replaced by 192
Oct 15, 2018 6:43:28 PM invoke
INFO: imported config file version to database:192
During the import, the version is incremented automatically. Take care on not to have typos errors in the oam-config.xml file you import as I’m not sure there is a validation before the import and the OAM schema can be corrupted.

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