This was a more day of networking with EMC partner contact and third party software editors. On the other side I attended a session about D2 news and what is comming next.

EMC divided D2 enhancements by 3 main major themes.
First was about productivity and a modern look and feel with:

    • graphical workflow widget
    • drag and drop from D2 to Desktop
    • better browsing with enhanced facet navigation
    • multi-document support in workflows
    • faster content transfer with new D2-BOCS for distributed environments

Second was about Information integrity with

    • more SSO implementation support, like Tivoli
    • folder import with inner documents as virtual document

Then finally about software agility with

    • ease of new user on-boarding with default configuration settings
    • PDF export of D2 configuration for multi environment comparison

I hope you enjoyed reading this summary of today at EMC world – Momentum 2015. Thanks for your attention.