We started the Documentum upgrade in the wintertime and our jobs ran successfully by following the defined schedule. Once we moved to the summertime we hit an issue: A job that was scheduled for instance at 4:00 AM was executed at 4:00 AM, but also started every 2 minutes until 5:00 AM. We had this issue on all our 6.7SP2P009 repositories – on upgraded as well as on new repositories.

Before opening an SR in powerlink, I first checked the date and time with the following query.

On the content server using idql:

1> select date(now) as date_now from dm_docbase_config
2> go
4/9/2014 17:47:55
(1 row affected)

The date and time was correct, EMC confirmed a bug and asked us to install the Patch 12 which solved the issue.

Patch 12 and D2EventSenderMailMethod

Unfortunately the patch 12 introduced a bug on D2EventSenderMailMethod which does not work anymore. The mail could not be sent out. D2EventSenderMailMethod is a requirement for D2. It is used by D2 mails but also for some workflow functionalities. By default, if the event is not managed by D2 (ie : configured) the default Documentum mail method is executed, EMC said.

To test the mail issue, I used the dm_ContentWarning job by setting the -percent_full parameter to 5 (lower than the value displayed by df -k).

In $DOCUMENTUM/dba/log//MethodServer/test67.log thefollowing error was displayed:


Wrong number of arguments (31) passed to entry point ‘Mail’.


And by setting the trace flag for the dm_event_sender method we saw:

2014-05-08T12:53:45.504165      7260[7260]      0100007b8000c978        TRACE LAUNCH [MethodServer]: ./dmbasic -f./dm_event_sender.ebs -eMail  —   “test67”  “xxx May 08 12:53:25 2014”  “DM_SYSADMIN”  “Take a look at /dev/mapper/vg00-lvpkgs–it’s 81% full!!!”  “ContentWarning”  “0900007b8000aeb3”  “nulldate”  “10”  “dm_null_id”  ” ”  “dmsd”  “test67”  “event”  ” ”  “test67” “”  “undefined”  “dmsd”  “1b00007b80003110”  “5/8/2014 12:53:28”  “0”  “dm_document”  “text”  “3741”  “text”  “cs.xxy.org”  “80”  “”  “/soft/opt/documentum/share/temp/3799691ad29ffd73699c0e85b792ea66”  “./dm_mailwrapper.sh”  ” ” dmProcess::Exec() returns: 1

It worked when I updated the dm_server_config object:

update dm_server_config objects set mail_method = 'dm_event_template_sender'

EMC confirmed that this is a bug and should be fixed with D2 3.1 P05