When several repositories are accessed through the same Java Method Server (JMS), it might be needed to have a different dfc.properties parameters for the D2EventSenderMailMethod depending on the repository.
This can be issued using an external Java call to the D2EventSenderMailMethod and setting a different class path to point to the desired dfc.properties.

sh -c 'java -cp "<DOCUMENTUM_SHARED>/shared/d2eventsender/Docbase:$CLASSPATH " com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2EventSenderMailMethod "$@ "' /bin/sh

<DOCUMENTUM_SHARED> is to be replaced with the path to $DOCUMENTUM_SHARED.

it is a good idea to set the memory limits values and not keep the default using the xms and xmx command line arguments:

sh -c 'java -xms32m -xmx64m -cp "<DOCUMENTUM_SHARED>/d2eventsender/Docbase:$CLASSPATH " com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2EventSenderMailMethod "$@ "' /bin/sh

To put this in place the method_verb for the dm_method needs to be updated as described below:

  1. Open a Web Browser and access to the DA
  2. Login with the dmadmin user to the docbase you want to configure. eg: CompanyDocbase
  3. Expand the “Job Management” menu.
  4. Click on “Methods”.
  5. Search for “D2EventSenderMailMethod”.
  6. Right click on the “D2EventSenderMailMethod” method and Select “properties”
  7. Update the “Verb :” field
    java com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2EventSenderMailMethod
    sh -c ‘java -xms32m -xmx64m -cp “<DOCUMENTUM_SHARED>/d2eventsender/Docbase:$CLASSPATH ” com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2EventSenderMailMethod “$@ “‘ /bin/sh

This can be done on each docbase but it need to be taken in account that if a lot of mails are sent due to jobs running in background, the extensive usage of the Java might fail due to the host machine memory size.

To reset the D2EventSenderMailMethod to the original value. Open an idql session using:

  1. idql CompanyDocbase -Udmadmin -Pxxx
  2. Retrieve the actual method_verb using the following commands:
    1> select use_method_server, method_verb from dm_method where object_name = ‘D2EventSenderMailMethod’;
    2> go
  3. Update the method verb using the following commands:
    1> update dm_method objects set use_method_server = true, set method_verb = ‘com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2Method -class_name com.emc.d2.api.methods.D2EventSenderMailMethod’ where object_name = ‘D2EventSenderMailMethod’;
    2> go
  4. Exit the idql session using:
    1> exit

In conclusion, The right configuration needs to be found depending on the number of repositories that are handled by the Java Methods Server (JMS), the application configured feature or jobs that uses D2EventSenderMailMethod and the server memory sizing.