This is the second part of my previous blog concerning rendition creation ratio between two ADTS servers. In this part I will talk about another way of getting this ratio. In addition this one doesn’t require to enable auditing and this way is preferable concerning database space footprint.


This method uses objects that already exist in the docbase and are populated each time a rendition is done. Because in fact, it is the content of the rendition itself! Fortunately the server where the content has been created is listed in the object.

You just have to adapt the following query and execute it:

select set_client,count(*) as val from dmr_content where full_format = ‘pdf’ and set_client like ‘%chbsmv_dmrsp%’ group by set_client;ADTS_dmr_content_ratio_blur.PNG

And now you have all your ADTS servers listed with the total rendition they did.