We had a strange behavior by a customer regarding the indexing queue. We used to have two IA configured and we uninstalled one.
I figured out that we still had indexing queue requests for the old index agent while it was totally uninstalled.

I checked the following objects to see if the agent was still configured somewhere: dm_fulltext_index, dm_ftengine_config, dm_ftindex_agent_config. But the old IA was not declared anymore.

The main problem is that it continued to queue all changes in the indexing queue and nothing cleaned it up, so we got like 2 million requests, filling up the db table.

I finally found out where the old IA was declared: in the registry events.
select * from dmi_registry where user_name = ‘dm_fulltext_index_user_01’;

r_object_id          user_name                     registered_id        event
2601b86480001d03     dm_fulltext_index_user_01     0301b86480000104     dm_save
2601b86480001d04     dm_fulltext_index_user_01     0301b86480000104     dm_destroy
2601b86480001d05     dm_fulltext_index_user_01     0301b86480000105     dm_save
2601b86480001d06     dm_fulltext_index_user_01     0301b86480000105     dm_readonlysave
2601b86480001d07     dm_fulltext_index_user_01     0301b86480000105     dm_checkin

In order to unregister the events, use the following:

So for me:


If you want to check if the old IA still queues requests, you can use:
select distinct name from dmi_queue_item where name like ‘dm_fulltext%’;

If you see the old queue name, that means you still have the registered events.