As part of my previous posts about having 2 rendition servers for one docbase (see below), I’ll show you how to simply switch a rendition queue item to the other server

I had an issue by a customer where one of the two rendition server was stuck since 2 days. As I explained in my previous posts, each server will reserve a group of items from the queue for it to process. Let’s say we got the threshold to 5 items. Each server will reserve 5 items in the dmi_queue_item and set the attribute sign_off_user to itself. E.g. RNDSERVER_DOCBASE1.

Then it will process each items one by one; onces one is done it will reserve a new one from the queue, and so on.

The problem is: if the rendition server is stuck for whatever reason all reserved items will NOT go back to the available pool. It means that they will be reserved by THIS rendition server until you fix the server and it starts processing them again.

You can imagine what I got by the customer, some documents were not rendered since 2 days!

So here is the simplest solution to put the items back in the pool:

update dmi_queue_item objects set sign_off_user ='' where sign_off_user ='RNDSERVER_DOCBASE1';

Hence all items will be set as available. The other rendition server should reserve them now as the current server is stuck and can’t reserve more items.

In the case of a big file beeing processed by the first server and you want the documents to be processed by the other one you can reserver items by yourself manually with:

update dmi_queue_item objects set sign_off_user='RNDSERVER2_DOCBASE1' where item_id in ('09xxxx','09xxxx');

If you have any questions please use the comment section.