There are several Electronic Content Management tools (ECM) on the market that are very powerful in their functionalities but are not always easy to configure or maintain, particularly if the size of your company does not allow for a large IT department.

However, a good document management in a company is a necessity to:

– Avoid administrative pitfalls

– Optimize the sales process, personnel management, purchasing management, etc.

Doc.SERIES combines simplicity of use with the power of configuration. Without being as powerful and expensive as a solution like Documentum or Alfresco, this ECM solution perfectly meets the needs of SME – SMI type companies for such kind of application.

This is the first blog from a series that will describe the different functionalities and artefacts used in a Doc.SERIES application deployment.

The Doc.SERIES solution uses a “modular” architecture structure. It is structured around a main module, Doc.ECM, onto which various specialized modules are added. In other words, the user only uses and pays for the modules he needs.

Let’s do a quick presentation of the solution and its modules.


Doc.ECM being the heart of the system, it is the only mandatory module to be able to use the tool. It will manage all your document management processes. It can work very well independently, without any other module being installed.

I will come back to this module more in details.


The Doc.Capture module is used to automate the digitization of your documents via an OCR process (Optical Character Recognition).


The Doc.Convert module allows you to scan a large quantity of documents into PDF format, including image type documents (JPEG, TIFF, etc.)


The Doc.Printer module allows you to send all types of documents from your business applications to Doc.ECM.


The Doc.Lodaer module is a tool that allows you to quickly transfer, scan, and hierarchize documents saved in directories to Doc.ECM.


Doc.Mobility is the module of the Doc.SERIES solution that allow you to scan, validate or search documents from a tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device.


Doc.Import is the module that will allow you to automatically import documents saved in a specific folder into Doc.ECM.


This module will allow you to send your documents directly to Doc.ECM via your Office tools.


This last module allows you to directly export documents from Windows Explorer or your Windows Desktop to Doc.SERIES or other applications such as CRM, Accounting Solution, etc…

As described above, the heart of the Doc.SERIES solution is the Doc.ECM module. Ergonomic, intuitive and complete, it can operate independently, without the support of other modules.

The User Interface

As you can see, the main interface of the application consists of 3 main parts:

Applications Menus

  • Each user may or may not have access to the different menus of the application.
  • The rights on the menus are completely and very easily configurable according to the different user profiles that you define.
  • The Menu management for application administrators is done via a dialog box. No command line are needed.

The Search Interface

  • Doc.ECM uses a very powerful, easy-to-use, multi-criteria search engine that can scan thousands of documents and their content very quickly.
  • The search can be global or more targeted.

The Document Management Interface

  • This is the main document management dashboard.
  • It mainly consists of contextual business-oriented “Document baskets”.
  • Document management is done through flows moving the document from one status to another.
  • It is intuitive and easily customizable by each user.
  • It gives the possibility of displaying information on document distribution flows.
  • It can display statistics or reports regarding document activity.

Adding a new document

  • Add a new document using a drag / drop action.
  • Complete the metadata manually or using an automatic process based on a RAD/LAD technology.

The Doc.SERIES ECM solution is a good mix between a “User Friendly” use and a complex document management.

One of his strongest advantages is that the handling of the tool is really easy to do and it could be used in all the company services thanks to the Mobility functionalities.

In conclusion, to use this solution gives your company a major asset in all the document management tasks that costs energy, money and workload.

A “must-have”…

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