Amazing conference, amazing people and awesome party like every year  :mrgreen: and of course great networking like every year

This year, I was quite impressed about the number of different technologies. Speeches were not only centered around the big red O. As already summarized, by my colleague Alain yesterday:

DOAG 2018 – Not only database – Docker and Kubernetes rule the world

Open Source RDBMS, containers and microservices are arising much more quickly than cloud computing even if, in some cases, both are linked/mixed together.

Of course, a lot of Oracle RDBMS presentations were really good and worth for partners as well as for customers. Some were centered around new features, the new release model but surprisingly in spite of the Cloud Computing trend all sessions about Oracle-, Linux basics were very popular. It makes me think that we are at the dawn of change on how Database Administrators are integrating RDBMS in the arising DevOps organization within their companies; DevOps requires stuff running fast without any long running complicated process.
It sounds like  the opposite of the database purpose which implies stability, performance, availability, etc.
So, what? if the developers are constantly looking for new technologies why shall we (DBAs) not look for alternative RDBMS? OpenSource RDBMS?

In my opinion, this is a quite good summary of what I felt during the conference and what I feel everyday at my customers as a consultant over the past five years.
Surprisingly, Paolo Kreth (Schweizerische Mobiliar) had a talk titled “Hilfe, die Open Source DBs kommen!” (Help, the Open Source DBs are arising) which exactly described that “feeling” from the opposite customer side with a real-life customer case.


Thanks to Paolo for sharing his mindset and the spirit of the IT @die Mobiliar. As a consultant, I fully agree and confirm the concept he introduced  are matching the reality with more or less success.

Basically, the more people are communicating, sharing expertise (whatever the budget), the more successful actions will be; This applies of course to DevOps but as well at entreprise level. Which indeed matches to our company values and that’s why we also have the label “Great Place To Work” for the second year in a row.


If you share the same mindset, feel free to send us your CV here.


Last one but not least, see U next year (again) 🙂