The DOAG Konferenz is about everything around the Oracle database and Oracle technologies.
But this year, as stated in the blog of Daniel Westermann more and more open source as well as “hype” subjects from which Docker and Kubernetes are very popular.
Looking at the program we can see about 20 presentations on those 2 technologies:

  • DevOps mit der Oracle Datenbank
  • Oracle, PostgreSQL, Docker und Kubernetes bei der Mobiliar
  • Docker und die Oracle Fusion Middleware im BPM- und Forms-Bereich
  • Pimp your DevOps with Docker: An Oracle BI Example
  • Docker Security
  • Dockerize It – Mit APEX in die Amazon Cloud
  • Using Vagrant and Docker For APEX Development
  • Cloud Perspective: Kubernetes is like an app server, but more cloudy
  • Management von Docker Containern mit Openshift & Kubernetes
  • DevOps Supercharged with Docker on Exadata
  • Einführung in Kubernetes
  • Docker for Database Developers
  • Oracle Container Workloads mit Kubernetes auf AWS?
  • Practical Guide to Oracle Virtual Environments
  • Orchestrierung & Docker für DBAs
  • Monitoring of JVM in Docker to Diagnose Performance Issues
  • Container-native Entwicklung und Deployment
  • Alternativen des Betriebs von Weblogic mit Kubernetes/Docker
  • MS Docker: 42 Tips & Tricks for Working with Containers

Most of the ones my colleagues or myself had a chance to attend, were crowded.
Docker is growing for years, now replacing step by step the usage of full blown VMs.
Kubernetes is capitalizing on that success by providing complementary tools.
This is not only the future, it’s today…
… have a deaper look into them and follow-up.