Welcome to the DevOps World – Jenkins World in Lisbon 😀 ! I’m very excited to attend my first DevOps World, thanks to dbi services for allowing me to attend this event. By the way, it’s my first time here in Lisbon and I fell in love with this city.

The first day was exclusively book for workshops, and we choose to attend to Continuous Delivery with Jenkins X.

The workshop was done by one of the main Jenkins X developers: Viktor Farcic. It was really nice for us to meet him, after following plenty of webinars, youtube sessions and also reading his book. It’s also for such kind of meeting we are here at DevOps World. Viktor is an impressive guy with a huge background in Dev and Infra, so it’s always a pleasure for us as operational guys to meet the developers of the technology we are daily using.

The workshop was composed of the following part.

  1. Installing jx
  2. Creating A CD Cluster
  3. Creating A Quickstart Project
  4. Importing Existing Projects Into Jenkins X
  5. Applying GitOps Principles
  6. Working With Pull Requests And Preview Environments
  7. Promoting To Production
  8. Versioning Releases
  9. Implementing ChatOps
  10. Using The Pipeline Extension Model
  11. Extending Jenkins X Pipelines
  12. Defining And Running Serverless Deployments
  13. Choosing The Right Deployment Strategy
  14. Managing Third-Party Applications

I will not explain all these chapters because it will take more than one post for sure ;-)! If you need more information regarding Jenkins X feel free to ask. As we already deployed some Kubernetes cluster on GKE or other cloud providers and already installed Jenkins X on top of it, the preparation of the environment for the workshop was quite easy for me.

What was really interesting for us, it the fact that we already covered almost all theses chapters in our Jenkins X project which means we are moving in the right way. For the future, we need to address some points related to releases management and merge requests (in GitLab) management with multiple environments (promotion).

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