He he, long time no see, ADTS…

It has been a long time I didn’t go into trouble with ADTS. As the new 7.2 ADTS is pretty well constituted this time the issue came from me, I admit.

Once upon a time I had to migrate from ADTS 6.7 to 7.2 for a customer. Everything went fine in DEV, same in TEST and CLONE. Then the day came to push it in PROD. And *CRACK!*, nothing working anymore. I was decomposed, I followed the IQ I wrote as accurate as I could. But absolutely no rendition was made, even for text files…

Here are the issues I had:
– Missing profiles at loading
– Cannot find profile when trying a rendition, whatever format.
– Cannot activate DOC10 plugin

Doesn’t sounds good huh?

The thing is that I did the same steps as other environments. But here in PROD, it didn’t work.

So I started looking to these missing profiles and tried to find them in the docbase. And I figured out that every missing profile were actually missing in the docbase, but they were missing in my other installations as well!

Thus why I had these profiles said as missing in CTS log whereas it was not mentioned in DEV, TEST and CLONE?

At this point I had no idea, but I checked if these profiles were present in 6.7. Because I already had to modify some of these profiles in 6.7. And yes, they were present in the old version.

Now maybe you found why I had these errors?

I did one thing differently than another customer, I kept the old cabinet Media Server, I just renamed it to BCK6.7 Media Server. But I didn’t know at this time that it kept the dm_media_profile objects as well.

When you install an ADTS it will create profiles in the docbase as .xml files. But their format is actually dm_media_profile. Hence if you keep the old profiles (I kept them for comparison with the new ones, and just in case I had to rollback), you will also keep these objects and when installing the new ADTS it will corrupt these profiles and the new ones.

So even if you want to keep a backup of your old profiles you better get them out of your docbase and delete all ADTS related files.

Thus I deleted all profiles, re-installed ADTS into the docbase and everything went fine!

With ADTS, do not keep, move forward!