The Microsoft data platform is evolving

The third day began with the Keynote help by Rohan Kumar the Corporate Vice President of Azure Data by Microsoft

The main message was “Hybrid data platform is the way for the future” and Microsoft is working in this direction.

The use of AI and analytic to transform the customer business is also a key driver for the Microsoft data platform, which is building to enable this easily.

Rohan remember the customer priorities:
– Modernizing on-premises
– Modernizing the cloud
– Building cloud native cloud application
– Unlocking insights

To support these priorities we got an overview of the last development on the data platform product or services:
Modernizing the on-premises solution with SQL Server 2019
○ More language support
○ Best security and performance
○ Power BI Report Server
○ Mission critical availability and performance
○ Security and compliance
○ Management and development
○ Big data and analytics

And Microsoft is announcing SQL Server 2019 CPT 2.1

One big evolution in term of performance is that some system tables will be moved in in-memory technology.
SQL Server 2019 is becoming a hub for integrating data and also enable the data injection in big data clusters combining Spark and SQL Server

Azure Data Studio si the new tool to manage all the Azure data services in order to see them a unified data platform

Modernizing the cloud with the new services or their new capabilities or functionalities
Azure database migration service
Azure SQL database managed instance with a business critical option available
Azure SQL Database Hyper scale (up to 100TB)
Accelerated databases recovery and machine Learning services in Azure SQL Database
Building cloud-native apps with Azure Cosmos DB
Multi-Master and Cassandra API

Unlocking insights
New features of Azure SQL Data Warehouse, like workload management
Partnership Informatica, tableau connectors
HDInsight 4.0
Real-time analytics
Azure event hubs for Kafka
Azure Data Explorer
Power BI Dataflow
Power BI SSRS Reports in Power BI
Azure Databricks new feature

The SQL Server product is evolving constantly and the Azure world event faster.

Again an interesting data analytic day…stay tuned..