The last day of the Momentum 16 in Barcelona has been a short one… Indeed there were presentations only in the morning and the event ended at 13:00 with the farewell lunch. So this will be a short blog too!


So first thing in the morning, I had the opportunity to attend a very good presentation about containerizing your On-Premise environment with Docker. This was actually the main purpose of this third day for me: learn more about Documentum with Docker. Dennis Buis (ING) and Mike Mohen (Dell EMC) presented us what has been done at ING and what is coming soon with the Documentum 7.3 release around Docker. Dell EMC will provide soon Docker images containing one of the numerous components that will be available: Content Server + DocBroker, JMS, D2 Client, D2 Config, DA, BPM, aso… The purpose of Documentum with Docker is to accelerate your deployment/upgrade processes by separating all components in simple containers. This is really a huge challenge because there is a lot of open questions BUT once it will be mature enough and once the processes and documentations will be complete enough, it will be really great. We will be able to build complete environments within a few days instead of weeks with the insurance that everything will always be setup in the same way because images are images! You can use them as many times as you want and you will always have the same result.

DockerMike Mohen presenting Docker @ Momentum 16


After this first session, I wanted to practice/play a little bit with Docker and therefore I participated in a hackathon simply named Using Docker with Documentum. In this hackathon, I was indeed able to play with deployment and upgrade processes of Documentum with Docker as well as creating a custom DA image from a Dockerfile. In addition to that, I also had to manage the deployment models, the security and data management/storage. For the latter, it is simply because the data should not be stored in containers… Indeed, if a container is upgraded, then all data will be lost and that’s not what you want ;).


The morning ended with a closing keynote with Beau Lotto (Neuro-Scientist and Founder of Lotto Lab) which was actually very funny. He explained and showed us, among other things, why the brain is an extraordinary thing and why the information is meaningless! I will let you think about that ;).


So in conclusion, the first day of the Momentum 16 was a little bit boring, the second one was a little bit better and finally the third one was too short but really interesting.