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SQL Server 2019 is in “public preview” stage, live from Microsoft Inspire 2019 – Day 2

Anshul Rampal (SQL Server product marketing team) and Rony Chatterjee (SQL Server Core team / Product Manager) presented the new SQL Server 2019 features in a 20-minutes session.

SQL Server is 25 years old! Its new version – SQL Server 2019 – has just been published last night (as “public preview”). @David Barbarin: I got the information during the session, sorry 😉.

As an Open Source promoter, the main milestone to me is the further support of Linux and containers. @Daniel Westermann: when do you start SQL Server support with your team 😉? To support Linux, an additional level of abstraction has been implemented within the core architecture. Furthermore, Apache Spark is now delivered within the engine to allow the treatment of any kind of data (normalized or not). Spark will be more and more integrated as a data treatment engine, beside or even within the SQL engine.

A huge amount of customers are still running SQL Server 2008. There is a huge amount of work and projects for partners over the coming years.

Microsoft wants SQL Server to be the Data Hub of the future through Data Virtualization (keeping the data where it is). The 20-minute session focused on this feature.

See my previous blogpost : Microsoft definitely goes Open Source. Support of Linux , support of OpenShift, integration of Spark to manage non-relational data, etc. Remember : “Microsoft becomes cool again” 😉.

Oracle optimized its SQL optimizer. Microsoft did the same through the “Intelligent Query processing” and even some recommendations will be performed by the optimizer.

SQL Server 2019 fully supports container and even High Availability may be provided through Kubernetes. Last but not the least, SQL Server 2019 is full hybrid. It may run partially “on prem” and partially into the Cloud. Through this feature and the Data Virtualization, SQL Server becomes the strategic company Data Hub. A demo shows how easy it will be to integrate any data source from any DataSource (i.e Oracle).

The picture shows a nice data visualization demo. Quick but really impressive. Well done Microsoft! 👍

data visualization demonstration