It is this time of the year when a new PostgreSQL major version beta release is available for testing. PostgreSQL 17 (scheduled to be released later this year) is no exception to that: Last week, the first beta of PostgreSQL 17 was announced. While many people are not really interested in beta releases, they really should be, especially when it comes to critical applications. If they / you test now, potential bugs can be fixed before the final version will be released.

I am absolutely aware that testing takes time, but this time is spend wisely and you can really help the PostgreSQL community be reporting back any issues you’ll face. The earlier you can do this, the better.

The release announcement contains a summary of the major new features you might be interested in. But there is much more to explore in the release notes (just keep in mind that the release notes are also subject to change until the final release of PostgreSQL 17).

I’ve written about some of the new features here on this blog and if you want to follow up here is the list of blog posts:

Happy testing.