The last day arrives unfortunately too fast. To be honest I’m a bit tired as there was so much interesting sessions. The conference center was really huge, with plenty of session. I almost had to walk 10km every day as per the iPhone health application. I’m happy that I would be at home tonight and take a bit rest with my children and my wife – hopefully I would be able to have a lie-down on Saturday. That’s said let’s discuss back around the greatest event in the world which is around Cloud Native & Kubernetes technologies – The KubeCon & CloudNativeCon 2023 in Amsterdam.

The last day keynotes were interesting. There was a talk from Veritas about Data protection and application Recovery. Petter Sveum presented the Veritas Kubernetes Data Platform Management as more and more customers are moving critical enterprise application on Kubernetes architecture. There is a real need of integrated, automated and elastic data protection and disaster recovery in cloud and Kubernetes that should meet compliance and SLA requirements. There was also another talk from Frederick Kautz around security and zero-trust – interesting. The next one was from Denise Shannon from Rancher by Suse, presenting the beginning of Rancher when it supports not only Kubernetes but also docker, swarm and cattle. It’s now only supporting Kubernetes. She presented as well the next features of Rancher. The next talk was about enabling Real-Time Media in Kubernetes presented by Giles Heron from Cisco. He presented the Media Streaming Mesh that supports real-time applications. He explained that nowadays, there is always delay when watching a football match if this is directly in the TV or using other providers. You can be aware of a goal when marked before other people. This is depending on the media you choose to watch the football match. The aim of the Media Streaming Mesh is to answer this problematic – more information here. There was also another talk from Huawei where Bill Ren presented the Cloud Native 2.0. He presented the Huawei product. The last and preferred keynote session was given by Aparna Subramanian who provided significant information in the scope of “Is Kubernetes Delivering on its Promise ? A Platform Engineering Perspective”. She presented the Shopify use case where before they used an Infrastructure platform with split layer. She then presented the platform they built at Shopify using Kubernetes. She also gave information about the effort required to build a complex Kubernetes platform. At the end we all agree, including me that Platform Team love Kubernetes. Here are some photos

Before going to lunch, I attended a tutorial session : “Create and Deploy a Lightweight Microservice in WebAssembly. We go through the main concept of the WASM, the needs compared to traditional other programming language and how it is supposed to be the standard in a near future. I was able to deploy and use my 1st WASM project.

It’s the lunch time and as the day before we take time to write the blogs. The planning will be short to attend the last session and go to the airport so I will not have time to describe the afternoon session but I think you saw all the interesting session and I would encourage you to contribute to any CNCF project and at least attend a next event organised by the CNCF – You can find the complete list here.

Thanks again to the organiser and hope that someone from my team will have the opportunity to be a speaker during next CNCF event or the next KubeCon & CloudNativeCon in Paris in 2023.