Yesterday evening dbi services (headquarters in Delémont) launched officially its third branch in Zürich (Beside Basel and Lausanne). Five years after its take off, the “Oracle Database Partner of Year 2014”, is employing more than 40 consultants. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the customers and partners who trust dbi services. A particular thanks goes to the customers and partners who helped us to enjoy a very pleasant inauguration party yesterday.

Thanks also to Mr Thomas Salzmann (KKG) who presented our successful collaboration and to Massimo Castelli (Oracle) who presented the challenges of recruitment in the IT branch. I was pleased to see that large players like Oracle do, sometimes, have the same challenges as mid-sized companies 🙂 .

All this adventure would not have been possible without our incredible teams, working hard every day to transform ideas and problems into projects and solutions. dbi services will continue to leverage the skills of its employees, to look for opportunities, in order to remain at top-level provider for the operating systems, database and middleware layers.

A final thanks goes to Kurt Meier who will lead the dbi services branch in Zürich and for the very good organisation of this party. After having won the first customers, Kurt proved that dbi services will succeed and manage this new challenge.