A customer asks me, how to know if In-Memory Feature is supported by my SQL Server server?
An easy way is to check the edition, version etc. but now, you have directly a property for that.

On msdn here, you find all property that you can search with the T-SQL Command: SERVERPROPERTY

But if you try to run through all your servers with CMS (Central Management Server), for all SQL Server below than SQL Server 2014, you have a NULL value.


I write rapidly this script to have no NULL value and have an usable info:

SELECT CASE CAST( ServerProperty('IsXTPSupported') AS INT)  WHEN 0 THEN 'Not Supported'  WHEN 1 THEN 'Supported'  ELSE 'Not Available Version (must be SQL2014 or Higher)'ENDAS In_Memory_Supported



I hope this script can help you and if you want to know more on SQL Server In-Memory Technology come to our Event in June 2015: inscription & details here