I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft gives now the opportunity to choose Linux as a new operating system for SQL Server.

To try this new version, you can find in the Cloud Azure a new template in the marketplace.

In the search bar, tape “SQL Server vnext” and you’ll find the “SQL Server vNext on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2”.

SQL Server vNext 01 Follow all “classic” steps to create your new VM SQL Server on Linux:

SQL Server vNext 02

First step, choose your “deployment mode”

SQL Server vNext 04

After this first step, choose a name, a disk type, a couple login/password and the location

SQL Server vNext 05

The next step is to choose your storage:

SQL Server vNext 06

At the last step, configure you options:

SQL Server vNext 07

Wait a little bit for the provisioning and at the end, you’ll have your VM SQL Server on Linux ready to use:

SQL Server vNext 11


Et voila! My first VM SQL Server on Linux in the Cloud! It’s easy and fast to create…

Next blog is how to use it 😉