This month, Microsoft has released the first hotfix for SQL Server Service Pack 1.


This Hotfix concerns the installation of SQL Server components and Analysis Services.

If you have installed the RTM version with Analysis Service and successfully installed Service Pack 1, you may experience problems in the next installation process for other component: The installation freezes and does not finish.


Windows Installer tries to repair the installation and then blocks the next installation phase because Windows Installer is in an inconsistent state after the installation of Service Pack 1.

This inconsistent state comes from an microsoft.analysisservices.wizard.v1.dll assember in SQL Server 2012 and in the SQL Server 2012 SP1 target. The version differs from the one in the Microsoft .NET Framework.


You can solve this problem by downloading this hotfix.

You should apply this hotfix before your install other components. Afterwards, you will be able to run the installation of other components without any bugs.

More information is available here.