By Franck Pachot

I have published 105 additional blog posts here since the 500th one that I have written on my come back to dbi-services. On Oracle Database, of course, other databases as well, on clouds (OCI and AWS mainly, with a look at GCP and Azure). But also with some thoughts on the rise of the “scale-out” obsession of NoSQL. And, because I’m convinced that consistency, referential integrity, and SQL is a must for an OLTP database, I’ve been looking at the new world of scalable data: the distributed databases based on the Google Spanner architecture.

I’m now going further on that, taking a big turn on my career: no more consulting for me but still helping users. This also mean I’m leaving dbi services, which I still consider as the best consulting company I’ve encountered, for the customers as well as the consultants. Growing, and hiring. And this also mean that this is, once again, the last post I write on this blog. My next posts will be on which currently re-directs to And of course on the Yugabyte blog, slack, StackOverflow… because this is where I’m moving: as a developer advocate for this NewSQL open-source distributed database, compatible with PostgreSQL.

I’ve written about this decision on LinkedIn:
I’m also writing this post to mention one more place where I’ll be sharing and encourage to do so: Polywork is a new professional social network that competes with LinkedIn, based on less noise and more activity sharing.
Want to give a try? I have a few invites. If you want one, follow and DM me on Twitter which is still my main() place of sharing.