In a recent project I faced the following situation: One the one hand I had to execute scripts on a customer’s workstation while on the other hand I had to integrate the results of these scripts into a report on my own workstation. The question was how to efficiently do this without sending dozens of mails to myself. One solution would be to create one script which produces all output and send the results by mail (if there is a customer’s email account or there is access to my company’s webmail). But having all the results for different databases in one file or one file per database makes it harder to write the report as the report is structured by topic and database. A lot of scrolling forward and backwards is necessary.
Then I remembered a tool I used in the past which is called collabedit:

Simple create a new document and share the generated link with whoever you want. As soon as someone makes modifications the screen will be refreshed for all members.

This allowed me to pass scripts and the results between me and me(2) and integrate the results immediately into my report.
No need to say that this should not be used for confidential data. But for working on the same piece of text or code this a great tool. It even provides a chat where e.g. explain plans might be discussed while highlighting problematic parts in the main window. Far better than email discussions 🙂
Give it a try …