The PostgreSQL Community just made a significant leap forward in database security :
Postgresql is now a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA). Here is the original announcement about PostgreSQL being added as a CNA on the CVE website.

This move marks a pivotal moment for PostgreSQL administrators and users. The Root CVE for Postgresql is RedHat. This last one has only been Root for about a year. So what are the implications?

As a CNA, PostgreSQL is now at the forefront of managing and assigning CVEs to its vulnerabilities. This role ensures vulnerabilities are managed effectively, minimizing risks to users.

How? Well, the ability to assign CVEs directly means PostgreSQL vulnerabilities can be more quickly identified and incorporated into DevSecOps workflows. This ensures that security is a continuous and integral part of the entire development lifecycle.
With PostgreSQL now directly involved in the CVE process, automated tools that scan for vulnerabilities and compliance issues can more effectively identify and flag potential PostgreSQL-related security risks. This integration enhances the speed and accuracy of security audits and responses. Tools Like Neuvector can help leverage this.
For DBAs and Developers, this means reducing the window of exposure and being sure that compliance is maximized.
This will have a huge impact on businesses where RDBMS of choice are SQL Server and Oracle for compliance issues. Along with FIPS compliancy capabilities ( see Peter’s blog post on this ) of Postgresql, CNA will add a new reason for editors and developers to migrate to Postgresql.
The other implication is the collaboration between OPS, Development, and Security teams is improved allowing easier “shift left” practices around PostgreSQL solutions.

This matters because it will boost PostgreSQL’s global recognition and demonstrate that the PostgreSQL Global Development Group is deeply committed to being at the forefront of their ecosystem Security( hardware, OS, programming language, framework, client libraries…).

In conclusion :

While the reporting process remains the same (via [email protected]), the role of CNA streamlines and centralizes this task. PostgreSQL’s clear guidelines on vulnerability reporting, are still available on their security page. This also underscores their commitment to maintaining a transparent and efficient process.
PostgreSQL’s status as a CVE Numbering Authority is a testament to its evolving security landscape.