Another great PostgreSQL community conference is over, and I came back with a lot of impressions yesterday. It was probably the worst time of the year for the conference to happen, as massive strikes are ongoing in France currently. Nothing the organizers could do here, as this of course was not known when the conference was planned. With some 100+ attendees more people showed up as expected, a big thank you to Karen, Carole and all the volunteers who perfectly organized the conference.

When I arrived last Tuesday and went out for a walk in the evening I ran into this:

The next morning, not everywhere but quite often, it looked like this:

Anyway, there was some time to see the city and to do some relaxed working in one of the coffee shops you can find all over the city.

The evening before the conference, this almost becomes a tradition, the first beer with Pablo and a few other people from the community …

… and right afterwards the speaker and volunteers dinner:

I’ve met a lot of people I’ve already known, and some others which have been new to me, which is great, as it shows that the community is growing.

The people at the registration desk the morning after, did a great job as usual and everything went smooth:

The venue is really great, as you can see here:

Somehow it happened that the official yum repository broke and here you can see Devrim giving his best to fix that while the conference is running:

All in all it was a really great event with great people, great networking and one of the best open source communities on the plant. If you take a look at the schedule you’ll notice that there was a broad range of topics and lot of diversity. I really hope to join pgDay Paris next year.

Again, thank you for organizing this, I know this is a lot of work and a lot of that usually happens during free time.