I am thrilled to share that I had the opportunity to attend the 13th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe in Prague which took place between the 12th and the 15th of December. It was my first participation at the PGConf.eu and even at any conference, and it was an enriching experience beyond expectations. My first surprise was the number of people joining the conference, with more than 700 attendees !

I attended from the 13th to 15th and joined few conferences like the one from Julia Gugel “PostgreSQL Security: The defense line for your data”

and the one from Adam Hendel “Supercharge your Postgres with the Help of Extensions”

All the speeches were of great quality, a huge thanks and bravo to all the speakers.

Throughout the breaks between the various sessions, I dedicated time to our booth in the exhibition area, enabling me to connect with numerous individuals. Notably, my team introduced me to some members of the PostgreSQL community, helping me creating interactions. Additionally, I took the opportunity to visit the exhibition stands of other companies.

Apart from that, as it was my first time in Prague, I was very lucky that I had the time to visit the center of Prague after the super diner of Thursday:

The diverse range of sessions and discussions offered me a comprehensive insight into the latest trends and best practices in PostgreSQL and database management. Talking with experts and fellow attendees not only expanded my knowledge but also provided me with great networking opportunities.

Exploring the beautiful city of Prague alongside this enriching conference added an extra layer of delight to the entire experience. Thanks dbi for the opportunity !