Welcome to PowerShell Conference EU 2017

Started on April, 5th at 9:00 AM, I was immersed in a wonderful and amazing Open Ceremony among light effects and an epic music. Indeed, using PowerShell is always an epic moment…

Then, lights turned on and all the speakers stood up and come behind the scene. As you may see, they came from all around the worlds to bring us the best of PowerShell!



This Open Ceremony was followed by the Keynote “State of the Union” presented by Jeffrey SNOVER, also know as the “father” of Windows PowerShell. He really congratulated the PowerShell Team for their great work which now make us possible to use our favorite Shell on Linux environments. Moreover, he described this Transformational Change as a logical evolution of the tool.


Before the lunch, Will SCHROEDER presented how in the last years, Red Team and Blue Team played cat and mouse regarding the security. As a conclusion for this session, we can admit notable improvement in security was performed over the PowerShell versions.



If you’ve got a question, it was the place to go! PSConfEU_Welcome

In the afternoon, you had the choice between four different streams. I decided to learn more about PowerShell on Linux and to attend to “Hell freezing over: PowerShell on Linux and GitHub”  presented by Bartosz Bielawski.


If you wanted to obtain a good overview of what are Windows Server Containers and how convenient it is, the session “Getting started with Windows Server container” presented by Flynn Bundy was great.


Then, the session “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Nanoman!” presented by Aleksandar Nikolic and Jan Egil Ring gave you key clues to connect and administrate a Windows Server Nano with PowerShell.



And finally, I discovered an interesting PowerShell module called Pester which automate code verification. So it can be used as a MSSQL instance policy check but with PowerShell. This session called “Green is bad Red is Good – Turning your Checklists into Pester Tests” was presented by Rob Sewell.


The second day, Bartosz Bielawski presented an other session about PowerShell on Linux called “Knock, knock, knock – Linux at your door”.


An interested session presented by Jason Yoder called “FASTER!!!! Make Your Code Run Faster!”, gave some key clues and approaches to optimize your PowerShell Code.


In the afternoon, Rob Sewell rocked again with “Using the SQL Server Provider”

Then I followed Mathias R Jessen’s session named “Regex 2.0: Full Coverage”.


During the last day, I wanted to be initiated to Visual Studio Code. So I went to David Wilson’s session “Advanced PowerShell Module Development with Visual Studio Code”.

However my favorite session was “Modern Database Administration using PowerShell and dbatools” presented by Chrissy LeMaire and Rob Sewell.

PSConfEU_dba_toolsYou can find dba tools on the official website. I highly recommend to take a look, it’s worth it!

I will finish my Road Trip with Luc Dekens’ session called “Visualising performance in VMware vSphere”.


Many interesting and pertinent sessions happened at this PowerShell Conference Europe 2017. If you want to learn more about this event, let’s take a look to the official website. And the slides and demos are on GitHub.