Oracle EM Cloud Control 12c (CC12c) – Repeat alert notification

In your EM installation, CC12c will notify your different administrators when specific incidents, events, or problems occurs.
But from standard configuration, you will receive only one warning or critical notification/alert … until the Clear or an Acknowledge of the alert.
Some times and for different reasons (human error, email was deleted, Mail server issues, …) you can lost or forgot this alert.
Hummm this is not good … especially for a critical alert on a productive environment!
To avoid such incomfortable case, you can configure Repeat of Notification in your Incident Rules.

Repeat notifications allow administrators to be notified repeatedly until an incident is either acknowledged or the number of Maximum Repeat Notifications has been reached.
CC12c supports repeat notification for all different notification methods (e-mail, OS command, PL/SQL procedure, and SNMP trap).
To enable this feature for a notification method, select the Send Repeat Notifications option.
In addition to setting the maximum number of repeat notifications, you can also set the time interval at which the notifications are sent.

Very important: Repeat notifications for rules will only be sent if the Send Repeat Notifications option is enabled in the Global Notification Methods page.

Here an example how to configure the Global Notification Methods in the Notification Methods page:


Configuring Repeat Notifications in Incident Rules:

Setting repeat notifications globally at the notification method level may not be provide sufficient flexibility. For example, you may want to have different repeat notification settings based on event type. Enterprise Manager accomplishes this by allowing you to set repeat notifications for individual incident rule sets or individual rules within a rule set. Repeat notifications set at the rule level take precedence over those defined at the notification method level.

Here an example how to configure a Repeat Notifications in an individual incident Rule:

Edit one of your individual Incident Rule (within one of your Rule).


Choose Next in your individual Incident Rule.


On next page, “Add” or “Edit” an Action.


In the Action pages, configure your Repeat Notification.

You can choice to select the Global Notification Methods or to create your own method for this rule. Click Continue.


In the Review page, control your settings. Click Continue.


Click “Save” to enable your settings. !!! Do not forget to save !!!


Now you can simulate an incident or event to test that your Repeat settings are working correctly.


Visit our partner’s Oracle Website for more informations about Repeat Notification.

Ref: Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator’s Guide:
– Chapter 3. Notifications –>
– Chapter 4. Using Notifications –>
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That’s it.

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